President's Letter


July, 2018

The tournaments coming up in July are Laguna Seca on the 12th, Pacific Grove on the 19th, Pajaro on the 25th.

Congratulations to Larry Fleischer and Bill Jameson for winning the Bullwinkle tournament at Pajaro in June.

Regarding the tee time portal system, Mark Tompkins doesn’t always get informed a golfer is not coming. Many members do notify Mark so it’s just for the few. Use the tournament director’s link on the signup page within the tournament details box. It creates an email for them to send if they have an email client. It probably won’t work if the person is using webmail. If that doesn’t work then phone numbers and email addresses are in the member section of the tee time portal.

Marty McGillivray is looking to find a replacement for his position on the Board of Directors as web master. This position requires a knowledge of Excel, some HTML and the process of FTP to upload data to the website. Marty takes care of the past results page, player of the year and would train the prospective member of his responsibilities.

Connie Leas has volunteered to be the new Board of Directors Secretary. I know she will do a great job.

We are currently working on the 2019 tournament schedule. There has been some talk of getting new courses, so if a member has a close relationship with one of their favorite courses they could talk to the club manager about having us as a group. We usually have 40 +- players and don’t require much from the course. We just need a block of tee times would like a walking rate and cart rate, closest to the pin holes, and a starting time of 8:30am to 10am. Stress that we aren’t a tournament in the formal sense and can take care of all of our scoring, don’t need lunches, etc. so don’t need the full public price. Please contact myself or Mark Tompkins if you have a course in mind that would possibly be acceptable to the details.

And a true story from a golf course in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania this last February.
(A pro shop clerk work’s in the pro shop at a local golf course. Recently, there have been some large crows hanging around the parking area that will snatch candy, crackers, or chips right out of a golf cart if they have the opportunity.)

Customer: *storms into the pro shop* “That crow stole my candy bar out of the golf cart! I want another candy bar!”

Clerk: “No problem. That will be $1.00.“

Customer: “What? No! I want you to give me another candy bar free, because that crow took it out of your golf cart!“

Clerk: “Sorry, sir, but it‘s not our responsibility what nature does to your food.“

Customer: *now almost screaming* “That’s wrong. It was a crow on your property!“

Clerk: “Sir, we have no control over what a bird does outside of our building.“

Customer: “That”s bulls***. I“m just going to take another candy bar!“ *picks up one and starts walking toward the door*

Clerk: “Sir, you must pay for that candy bar; if you walk out without paying, I will have to call the police.“

Customer: “No, you won“t.“

Clerk: “Yes, I will. I have your name, and you gave us your phone number when you made your tee time. The police will find you and arrest you for petty theft.“

Customer: *returns the candy bar to the rack and leaves*


Have a good golfing month.
Rick King